OASIS Candle Stakes

SKU #: OCST360
Holds Taper, Pillar Candles
or Glass Chimneys

Stakes only - do not include the candles or glass chimney





Candle Stakes

OASIS® Candle Stakes makes it easy to add add candles to your fresh flower designs with 1", 3" and Hurricane Candle Stakes. Using stakes lets you to add and securely anchor taper or pillar candles to your floral creations without a lot of hassle.. Three-inch long spikes anchor the stakes securely into wet or dry foam. Flame retardant.

These are wonderful for use in wedding centerpieces, Christmas centerpieces or any other flower arrangements that you want to put candles into.Available in three styles: 1" for taper candles; 3" for pillar candles; hurricane for a taper candle and hurricane globe.

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