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Leather Leaf Fern

SKU #: 09LL
Live Product. Colors may vary due to growing
conditions or monitor settings

Grower's Bunch by Weight
Approximately 25 stems
Black dots on back of leaves are spores (seeds) for propogating
Average 12-24" Long









Cut your leather leaf fern under water, dip into a re-hydrator (such as "DipIt") and place in plain water that one teaspoon of bleach per each gallon has been added to. The bleach will cut down on the bacteria that grows in the water.

Fresh cut flower food that is intended to nourish flowers may turn greenery yellow. Extend the life of your greens by using a plant sealant such as LeafShine.

If properly processed and kept cool, leather leaf fern can last up to 7 - 21 days. This product likes high humidity conditions.

Leather leaf fern is extremely popular, both for it's glossy green leaves with numerous fronds and it's inexpensive price. Don't be concerned if you see "black spots" on the back of some of the leaves, these are just spores for reproduction and commonly found on mature leaves. They are NOT bugs.

This is commonly found around June and July, when the ferns release their spoors to re-propogate themselves. This are spoors (kind of like seeds). Ripe spores (soft) can be removed by wiping with a soft paper towel if you wish just as you would remove lily pollen. Most professional florists ignore them and design as usual. Tapping the leaf against a table top may drop any spoors that are loose.

Fresh florist greenery is usually sold by weight, yet wrapped together and tightly bound with a rubber band and called "bunches". Cost obviously is determined by availability from the wholesale greenery farms.

Mixing different types of greenery creates interest and variety in your flower designs. Florists have known for years that mixing greens with fresh flower designs is cost efficient and will allow you larger arrangements for less cost that designs made using flowers only.

Greens may need to be rinsed off to remove grime from both the fields and shipping. Water sometimes leaves a white residue. To seal the flowers and make the leaves look shiny and glossy, florists use a professional greenery polish. This helps extend the life of greens and reduces leaves dropping or a dull finish. Bulk greens (same as flowers) are shipped in what florists refer to as a "dry pack" state. They, like fresh flowers, need to be processed correctly immediately upon arrival. Please click on "Flower Care" tab above to see how to properly care for your bulk greens and other fresh products.

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