Centerpiece Ideas for Tables

Decorating tables with fresh flowers takes a lot of thought. Most brides spend hours looking through bridal magazines, websites such as Martha Stewart weddings and bridal blogs.

We've accumulated dozens of pictures to get you started on the search for "the best wedding centerpiece ever!" Have fun!

Be sure to check out our How to pages for great tips on buying bulk flowers, how to unpack bulk flowers and step-by-step directions on pre-treating your flowers with the same floral products as professional florists use. Processing fresh flowers is more than chopping off the stem and sticking it in water. Do it correctly and your bridal flowers will stay looking fresh and beautiful all through your day!

Blue delphinium adds height and elegance to any table design. Cut under water and be sure to dip in Quick Dip to rehydrate these blossoms fully so they don't shatter later and drop on your table top.

Alstroemeria looks sweet cut short and arranged in a teacup for a wedding brunch or bridal luncheon. They come in a large variety of colors. A small wedge of Oasis florist foam is all you need to make this design stay put!

Here is another simple and easy design for alstroemeria! Place a third brick of Oasis foam in an inexpensive floral container. Clean off the stems, hold closely together and insert deeply into the foam. Tie the stems together with a pretty ribbon and tuck some greenery and blossoms in at the bottom. How easy!

This topiary is very similar - except it uses birch branches instead of the actual flower stems. Using a netted Oasis sphere gives more stability to the ball and makes it unnecessary to tape with greening tape. (Taping was to keep the foam from breaking up). Be sure to use Oasis Floral Adhesive to keep the netted ball attached securely. Don't overdo the size of the ball. Too big and the topiary quickly becomes top-heavy.

A fresh idea is to use clear vases creatively! Drop a few petals down into the vase and use Florist Clay (we recommend "Cling") to attach an Oasis O'Bowl container filled with florist foam to the top of the clear vase. Find this in the centerpiece supplies here.

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