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Iglu Cage

Lg: 2-5/8" x 2-1/2" H - pack of 12 Grande 3-1/4" D x 3-1/4" H. - pack of 6





Church Pew Flower Cage

The OASIS® IGLU® Holder is a versatile piece that can be used to attach flower arrangements to wedding chairs, wreaths, posts, candelabras, tops of candle holders, as a fresh flower cake topper and more Plastic spikes built into the base makes an anchor for taper candles. Check out our Centerpiece Supplies for more ideas on using this handy little cage of Oasis florist foam.

Small# 2-5/8" x 2-1/2" H
Grande: # 3-1/4" D x 3-1/4" H

See some suggested projects that these cages of foam can be used for. The Iglu has a tab with a slot on each side so you can tie a ribbon to it and use to tie to pews, candelabras and more. If you plan on using more flowers - order the bigger one. More foam is needed to support more than five stems of flowers.

This first is a composite bloom (petals pulled from flowers and glued around in a circular fashion to create a larger bloom. This one is made with a gladiolus bloom. You will need floral glue for this project.

See how lovely a single rose can be surrounded with different loops of coordinating ribbon? The smaller Iglu is fine for this one.

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