Corsage Ribbon

Visualizing Ribbon Widths

Corsage ribbon comes in many different types of material and textures. It is generally easier to make corsage bows with a ribbon that has a stiffer feel or with wired edges. Limp fabric (such as double faced satin generally found in sewing or material centers) won't make as crisp of a bow.

Single faced satin is a narrower version of the #40 ribbon that is used for pew bows. This is probably the most cost effective and is easy to use.

However, sheer ribbons with a stiffening agent or a wired edge can make lovely bows with a little more of an elegant look to it.

If you wish to save money, buying bolts from a warehouse is definitely more economical than ribbons found at local discount stores. Those bolts of ribbon generally have very a small amount of yardage, typically only enough for one or two bows. Suddenly that "cheap" price doesn't seem so cheap as you have to keep returning for more material.

These bolts are the same as professional florists use, assuring you more yardage for the wedding or event.

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