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Florist Green Wire

Paddle Wire

Recommend 24/26 Gauge for Corsage Work





Discount Florist Supplies Wire

18 Gg - supports thick tough stems
21 Gg - supports long stems
26 Gg - corsage/normal flower stems
30 Gg - very fine for delicate work

It's important when you are making corsages to use a wire that is fairly flexible (it must not be too bulky creating unsightly bulges on the corsage) yet be firm enough to be able to pierce heavy rose bulbs.

Florist wire comes in many different weights. Remember - the smaller the number, the heavier the wire. 18 Gauge is good for supporting thick heavy flowers. It is a little stiff to work with. Gauge 26 is perfect for supporting light flowers, corsage work and more. Use the extra wire after making corsages for decorating the wedding reception.

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