Quick Dip

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Flower Rehydrator

Ready to Use - Rehydrates flowers quickly





Floral Quick Dip

Floralife Quick Dip is a ready-to-use pretreatment to help prevent bent neck in dry packed flowers, wilting and stem plugging. Just a quick "one second" dip immediately after cutting your dry pack flowers that you buy from an online wedding flowers source. This application of Quick Dip ensures proper hydration of cut stems and helps the flowers to take up water quickly. (Important step of processing flowers!) This product also helps the flowers to open quickly and hold for a long time.

Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment is a ready-to-use solution. The stems are recut. The freshly cut stems are dipped into Floralife® Quick Dip Hydrating Treatment (1 - 2 inches, or 2 – 4 cm, in a plastic container is sufficient) and then placed into flower food.

Proving the Worth of Quick Dip

Getting Long Life from your Bulk Flowers

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