Floral Clay

Waterproof - Use for attaching items to Glass

Florist Clay, waterproof - sticks to almost anything, 25 ft. roll




Florist Clay

Florist clay is a typical floral adhesive used when it is necessary to attach one object to another when designing. For example - a glass voltive to a tall pedestal form. Cling is the floral adhesive brand we prefer. It comes in white or green in 25 ft. rolls. Use it to assure a secure fit for tall pedestal arrangements to attach the bowl to the Empire Tower vase or candle pedestal. Line the rim with a thin roll and press down the container firmly on top of it. This adhesive holds even through wet or damp floral arrangments.

Regular hot melt glue tends to pop off when wet or cool. You'll find so many imaginative ways to use this handy florist supply product!

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