Easy to Design Flower Centerpieces

Designing your own flower centerpieces isn't as hard as it sounds. The key is starting with the same floral supplies as a professional flower shop. Many floral products are made with the goal to cut down on labor and design time - a major expense in a shop.

This outstanding design is made by designing an a small, flat-bottomed silver tray and attaching to the top of the vase with Cling. The special glow is because it is placed on a battery operated light base.

This is a great centerpiece with lots of interesting greens. Simply start with an Oasis cage. Snip off the plastic handle. The flat bottomed tray will serve as the container. Fill in with assorted greenery. This centerpiece has green amaranthus, eryngium, short bear grass, trailing ivy and seeded eucalyptus. Tuck in a few roses, dendrobium blooms and lotus pods and it's a thing of beauty!

Bells of Ireland are cut close, along with green button mums, and a few Belladonna delphionium. Use a inexpensive floral container. to keep the price down. The design starts with a third of a brick of Oasis foam and secured in the bowl with waterproof florist bowl tape.

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This candy arrangement looks good enough to eat! Decorate shallow square boxes with ribbon or paint. Line with plastic wrap. Now cut a sculpting sheet into a size to fit the box. Sculpting sheets are great because they are backed with Styrofoam and prevent leakage. Simply insert your short cut flowers in clusters to imitate chocolates in a box!

This charming daisy centerpiece can be done the same way, using sculpting sheets cut into proper sizes if you use containers that don't have a waterproof liner. If you have the liner, simply use a partial brick of Oasis foam.

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