Fresh Wedding Flowers

Centerpieces to Make for Your Reception

Using the right floral supplies, you can easily make your own reception centerpieces. Be sure to visit our How To pages for tips on ordering bulk wedding flowers off of the internet.
There are also lots of other tips, suggestions and pictures for creating corsages, boutonnieres, and bouquets as well.

Even your punchbowl can be a vision of flowers by using a Oasis wreath form. Simply soak in water treated with Crystal Clear flower food.

This amazing centerpiece is made by using a Design Ring and attaching to the top of the clear vase with Cling. Since design rings come in three sizes, choose the one that fits your vase the best.

Creating a raised pedestal is very easy. We would suggest arranging it first in small, reflective flat-bottomed container. Arranging in a cheap, silver bowl allows easy transportation and no worry of breaking your glass container during transport. The reflective bowl hides the green florist foam and only shows a shine thru the clear glass. There are several sizes of these inexpensive containers - choose the one that fits your compote bowl the best.

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