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Floralife Leafshine Spray

Leaf Polish

Cleans & polishes leaves





Green Leaf Spray - Plant Polish

Add an appealing shine to all hard leaf foliage plants and fresh cut foliage in design arrangements to make them sparkle. This easy and ready to use product provides a natural and healthy look to the foliage.

Spray foliage plants to clean and enhance for greater appearance.
Features and Benefits
  • Shines up foliage for longer enjoyment of green potted plants and cut foliage in flower arrangements.
  • Provides a “natural” shine, not an oily appearance.
  • Keeps foliage clean longer, as there are no oily residues to attract dust.
  • Removes and keeps water spots and calcium deposits away.
  • Ready to use product has easy to use sprayer nozzle.
  • Reduces water evaporation of leaves.
  • Provides a pleasant, natural scent . . . no offensive odor.
  • Suitable for most foliage plants except those with fragile or hairy leaves, succulents, and ferns. Avoid spraying on flower blooms and buds.
  • 25% free bonus-size cans.

  • Directions for use
    • Shake can vigorously before spraying on foliage. Best to apply between 68 - 77° C and avoid spraying in full sunlight.
    • Spray lightly on tops of hard foliage type leaves from a distance of 12 – 15 inches. Move the can side to side to get a more even coverage of spray and better effect. Hold can upright when spraying.
    • Allow 5 minutes to dry before wrapping or covering the sprayed plant to assure an appealing shine.

    • Dosage
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