Lily Corsage

Alstromeria and Asiatic Lilies

Here are some beautiful lily corsages. Size usually determines the kind of lily you choose. Oriental lilies are larger. Plan on using just one bloom or the size would overpower both a wrist and shoulder.

Lily varieties come in so many different colors that it'll be hard for you to choose! From bright Asiatics in orange to soft lavender tipped alstromeria - you're sure to find something that you love.

Be sure to finish with a misting of Finishing Touch. on every corsage you make. This seals the petals and prevents early dehydration of your decorative flowers.

This Alstromeria corsage is coupled with a standard and sweethear rose. Notice each flower stem has been wrapped individually with corsage tape. It is backed with a feathery fern called plumosa.

This alstroemeria corsage is ringed with blue delphinium and varigated pittosporum. It has a few purple Monte Casino (asters) as accent flowers.

This boutonniere matches the above corsage - but can easily be used as a smaller corsage for program girls, cake cutters, vocalists, and other people you want to give simple recognition to.

This Nerine lily corsage is backed with a small amount of pink heather. It is wound with colored bullion wire as a nice, simple alternative to corsage ribbon.

This Nerine lily corsage is clustered with pink waxflower for a very delicate look.

This Asiatic lily is flanked by spray roses and alstroemeria and surrounded with ivy leaves. Florists often substitute silk corsage leaves since ivy can tend to droop if not conditioned properly.

Keep your Oriental stargazer lilies to one bloom and a bud. These lilies are rather large in diameter and the scent is strong. So don't make it for anyone who has allergies. These petals do become transparent and wilt without a water source, so be sure to mist with Finishing Touch.. You may want to make it on a corsage pick to give an additional water source. Insert it gently - these delicate flowers crush easily.

A few dendrobiums orchids give a tropical flair to this corsage.

This orange Asiatic lily is accented with hypericum berries - also known as "coffee berries". They come in green, red, and white colors. The greens are Italian ruscus.

These corsages can be worn on the wrist by using a elastic wristlet band

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