Before selecting your fresh flower varieties, please note the following:

1. Colors vary from one computer to another.

Shades and colors you see on your computer can be affected by your own monitor settings and not always reflect the true color of the flower. What you see on your screen may not always be the exact shade as the flower itself, but should be pretty close.

It is advisable to look at flower colors side by side in the Flowers by Color pages. A medium pink rose may have a lot more red tones than a stem of pinkish (blue tones) stock with a hint of lavender. Please call us if you have any questions about colors before ordering - we want to be sure you'll be happy when you open that box of wedding flowers!

2. Flowers are living growing products.

That means the flower colors can change due to soil conditions and field conditions. Five different growers can plant the same flower variety and the colors can differ in look and shades of color:

Learn to do what professional florists do - compliment your dress colors with contrasting colors, add in whites or ivories or go for a soft mixture of hues and shades. Feeling that your flowers have to have an exact shade of blue (which may or may not be available in fresh flowers) can leave you feeling frustrated and give your wedding a very "1970's" look.

3. Flower color names aren't always much help

- especially when trying to match to bridesmaid dress colors. "Blush" roses from different growers range from pale lavender pinks to rosy peach tones. The color "light pink" can mean totally different shades and hues from one bride to the next. Roses called "Blue" by the grower are actually a violet-pink shade rather than a royal blue. Flowers that don't grow in certain shades are usually tinted or dyed.

See these photos? All of these growers classify these different flower varieties as "Light Pink":

Some brides are in love with monochromatic colors. This means that the different flower varieties all fall into a certain color range, changing only in shades or hues.

4. Need an specific color?

You can add specific colors by wrapping the bouquet stems in colored ribbon, utilizing the amazing range of decorative colored wire, or tinting white flowers with a professional sheer flower spray.

Florists do this all the time to match colors to prom or bridesmaid dresses. We have a wide selection of Design Master Sheer Flower Tints.

Let us work with you so the flowers you choose suit your wedding perfectly!

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