Orchid Corsage

Orchids are actually grown on a hothouse plant, thus are more expensive than field grown flowers. Cymbidiums are commonly sold by 10 to a bunch or 3 to a pack. The pack orchids come cut and protected on a bed of cotton. Dendrobiums are sold 10 per bunch. Japhet are also sold 3 to a pack and packaged on cotton.

It is important to wash your hands before handling the orchids, as oil from your fingers can cause the delicate petals to brown. Handle as gently as possibly and avoid touching the petals if you can. It is wise to use the special orchid straws when preparing orchids for corsages or to use in bouquets. The special wetted batting will help keep the orchid fresh. Liberally misting with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch. will help keep the petals hydrated and reduce the problem of transparent petals (due to loss of moisture).

Orchids are lovely used as pin-on or wrist corsage.. Don't expect to have much of a scent with hot-house grown orchids.

This one is made with an orange Vanda Orchid. Besides ribbon, you'll need ">flexible (22 gauge) wire, corsage tape, Oasis Floral Adhesive and any bling bling you want to add.

A Phalanenopsis is particularly elegant. Dampen a tissue with water and lay gently over the face of the orchid when storing in the fridge. Remist with Finishing Touch. as often as necessary to keep the Orchid moist while waiting for the day needed.

Make circles of decorative grass and wrap with colored colored bullion wire for a unique look made with green Cymbidium orchids.

Vanda orchid makes a splash with a hot colored tropical. Coil brightly colored wire for interesting accents.

A pale pink cymbidium is paired with a ribbon rose knot.

White dendrobiums glisten with rhinestone picks for an elegant look.

Fuschia dendrobiums are vibrant with color and look good for a tropical or beach themed wedding.

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