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Super Wet Bouquet Holder

Limited Quantities - Manufacturer Discontinuing

Water Wicking System! Foam Size 2.5: D
Sorry - this product has been discontinued and limited stock available




Super Wet Wedding Bouquet Holder

The Super WetŪ Bouquet Holders is the a great favorite for making bridal bouquets. With the newer styled smooth green handles (available in either straight or slant), this self-wicking bouquet holder is filled with premium OASISŪ Floral Foam.

So what does "self-wicking" mean? It has a wick built right into the bouquet handle. You take off the bottom cap, place in a vase of water for a lovely table display that continues to feed water automatically up to the flower foam! This is so awesome! With the green hand, you can now arrange your flowers in foam. Then wrap double sticky tape around the handle, use the cut stems to "simulate" a hand-tied bouquet. The green handle is hidden among the cut stems. Finish off with bows or other finishes as you would for any hand-tied bouquet. Now YOU can arrange like a florist, since using foam is sooooo much easier than trying to hand tie. Achieve the look, continue to feed water to the flowers for freshness and no one will know your bouquet is on a holder! You have the best of all worlds!

If you are planning on making your own bridal bouquet, take a look at a couple of simple designs that can be made with the Belle bouquet holder. Be sure to mist the finished bouquets with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch (found in our floral supply) and consider gluing in the stems when finished with floral adhesive.

Here is a link to a Step-by-step tutorial on making a round bouquet with a straight holder:

Wedding Bridal Bouquet Holder - Click here to go to one of our round bouquet Tutorial Pages.

Here is a link to a Step-by-step tutorial on making a cascading bouquet with a slant holder:

- Click here to go to our cascading Tutorial Pages.

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