Floral Table Centerpieces

Whether your table centerpieces are large, elaborate affairs or a few buds in a simple container, you'll want to check out our fresh flower supplies section. These are the same important products that professional wedding florists use to keep their bulk flowers hydrated and looking beautiful for every bride.

This cool green number is a mixture of jade roses, green gladiolus blooms and a few stems of blue delphinium for contrast. This lovely bouquet works well in an economical floral container. They are beautiful - yet lightweight, cheap to ship and the money can be put where it belongs - in the flowers! Use a third to half a brick of Oasis foam to secure the flowers into the container.

This unusual arrangement incorporates fruit into a clear compote bowl. If you use a small, flat-bottomed silver tray at the top of the bowl to hold the partial brick of Oasis foam, the arrangement will rest upon the fruit without damaging it. (Thus you can still use the fruit later!)
Secure the green foam into the tray with a small amount of Cling, a sticky florist clay that adheres well even under water.

Don't discount the power of carnations! These fragrant flowers come in a large variety of colors in many shades and are a very economical way to stretch your dollars.

See how beautiful this sweet arrangement looks when combined with decorative rock and a frame of decorative colored wire. This wire bends into interesting shapes and adds a great deal to a simple little design. The 39 foot coil is enough for many arrangements!

Don't skimp on the Oasis foam in an arrangement like this one. You need at least a half a brick to support this many flowers.

You can also use the largest size of Oasis Cylinder foam, which is often referred to as "cake foam" because of it's shape. Attach the foam to a small, flat-bottomed silver tray or other similar container and fasten to the vase with Cling.

These arrangements must be transported SEPARATELY from the vase and assembled at the site. If you are planning a Do-It-Yourself wedding, be sure to get extra help, as these type of arrangements take a lot of time.

Don't feel you have to use the same flowers as these centerpieces. They would work well in any wedding colors. You can make these several different ways.

You can use a straight Belle Bouquet Holder and simple insert the handle down into some florist foam that has been concealed by leaves or greenery as shown.

You can also these on a small Oasis Sphere that has been cut in half, placed on a small bowl and secured with Cling

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