Wedding Corsages

Create more elaborate corsages for the special people in your ceremony, such as mothers and grandmothers. They will stand out from simpler corsages made for your other guests, such as those who give out programs, rice gift favors and serve at your wedding reception.

Choose coordinating flower from your bridal or bridesmaid bouquets to continue the feel of your color scheme, yet keep the bows neutral so to better match your guests clothing. White or iridescent bows work well and won't seem to clash if your special helper doesn't wear something in your colors.

If you are concerned with pins pulling or snagging on delicate fabrics, consider using strong magnets to secure it to the fabric.

This delicate flower is a bloom from a stalk of gadiolus. It creates a very delicate design that holds up well.

A simple cluster of alstroemeria and Star of Bethlehem create a very lovely alternative to wearing a corsage.

Nothing is more classy that roses! Be sure to secure them on a corsage pick and mist with Finishing Touch. to keep them fresh!

Be prepared to pay a stiff price if you want Lily of the Valley. This flower is very expensive to florists and they charge dearly for it.

An old fashioned Japhet orchid is lovely in an eye-popping fuscia.

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