Yellow Corsage

A yellow corsage is so pretty . . . whether for spring or fall. Just a few minor changes in the accents and the same flowers can be adjusted for either wedding theme.

Yellow roses, golden mums, butter colored orchids or bright miniature sunflowers are cheerful and hold up well to being worn on the should or as a wrist corsage.

Be sure to check out our tutorials on making a corsage. We will soon be adding "how to" videos on everything from corsage making to cascading bouquets and large centerpieces. Additional tips and hints can be found at our How to pages.

A yellow football mum is large, so it doesn't need excessive accessorizing. Coiling colored bullion wire gives it a great finish without being overpowering.

This interesting design has great texture with a miniature sunflower, velvety kangaroo paw and round craspedia. It is finished with Gold Dust dracenea and decorative wire.

The interesting combination of Cymbidium hearts, an orange pincushion protea and hypericum berries give claim to a tropical feel. The berries are glued to the leaf with Oasis Floral Adhesive and colored bullion wire finishes with a lovely wrap around flax leaves.

The green bind wire adds a lot of interest to these yellow roses and Gold Dust draceana leaves.

When refering to miniature sunflowers, the flowers are Viking pomps (part of the mum family). Real sunflowers are too large to use as lapel flowers or in corsage work. Use several cuts of brown paper coated bind wire to creative a backing to glue the pomps using Oasis Floral Adhesive.

Although yellow is shown, cymbidium orchids come in many different colors. They are a large flower, so if you're doing boutonnieres, plan on only one. These cut flowers come packaged three to a box or several on a cut stem. The cut stem is a better buy - the the boxed ones are selected for perfection and quality. Be sure to mist with Finishing Touch. to keep the flower petals hydrated and prevent wilting.

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