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Oasis Garland

Fresh Flower Garlands

9 foot has 14 cylinders - 32.8 foot has 50 cylinders





Floral Garland

Create beautiful florist garlands the easy way with OASIS® Garland florist foam. These 5" cylinders are made with OASIS® Deluxe floral foam. Held together with netting, they can be cut to any lengths. Use this great designing product to drape garlands over doors, tent poles, gazebo decorating and more. Cut them apart and make a miniature garland to drape between two flower girls coming down the aisle. Cut two cylinders off the length, green and flower and hand them off tiki lights.

These are so versatile that you can use them in many different ways.

Garland comes in two different length sizes. 9 foot and 32.8 ft. Cylinders are 5" long and made with OASIS® Deluxe floral foam.

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