Bouquet Holder
Bridal Bouquet Holders for All Flower Styles


Every bouquet holder filled with florist foam by OASIS® is of the highest quality. They are used by professional wedding florists across the world. Filled with a unique floral foam that imitates the very structure of flower stem cells, this bouquet holder keeps the flowers fresh by providing a constant water supply.

Want something a little different? Consider the Elegant bouquet holder. Fashioned to have look of hammered metal, the handle contains a special wicking system that allow water to be drawn up and continue to nourish the flowers. A Belle bouquet holder has a very large head of florist foam, needed when you intend to make a tight packed bouquet of solid roses. The Lomey Bouquet Holder has been a favorite for years, with three different sizes to choose from. One of the newer additions using a Bravo bouquet holder to create a hand-tied look the easy way!

You can create any look you like - whether hand-tied bridal bouquets or cascading bouquets, you will love the ease at which you can design your own beautiful flowers with these quality products. We also carry bouquet handle covers which give you a beautiful finish without worrying about wrapping the handles at the last moment. (If you wrap them too soon, the ribbon may become soiled or limp from the water and refrigeration).

If you would like directions or step-by-step pictures, visit our "How To" pages for advice on how to create wedding bouquets, altar sprays, pew decorations and more. The link can be found in the left column of the navigation bar.

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