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Med White/Lt Blue Hydrangea


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Hydrangeas have grown in popularity over the last few years. Brides love the look of these gorgeous flowers massed within bouquets, centerpieces and large floral arrangements. These flowers will look a little "wilted" when they arrives, but don't be worried. That's a normal look when these flowers are shipped dry packed.

Be sure to cut under water and use a re-hydrator to quickly revive the blooms and allow them to open up to their full beauty

Try to plan for your hydrangeas to rest in a grid or a bucket so that the blooms don't rest against each other. Bacteria can form quickly between the flower heads causing wilting or a soggy mass on the flower head.

These flowers are cut from shrubs, are are therefore a very thirsty flower. Be sure to always check the water levels in your buckets and arrangements and be sure that they do not go dry.

See how each large bloom is madeup of massed laterals coming off one central stem.

Although you sometimes see hydrangeas pictured in boutonnieres or corsages, I do not recommend that you use hydrangeas in any form that does not have a continual water source or they may wilt quickly.

Here's a short video about processing hydrangeas:

I mist them with Finishing Touch or other flower sealant to keep the petals hydrated during the wedding day. Remember - this is all about keeping moisture in the blooms.

Most flowers are sensitive to ethylene, which means it should not be stored near fruit or any product that gives off ethylene gas.

Please note that prices are based on availability due to both growing seasons and holidays. (For instance, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day sees a sharp increase in flower costs.)

All bulk flowers are shipping in what florists refer to as a "dry pack" state. This means that they make look slightly droopy. Some customers think this means the flowers are wilted. This is not true, however, it means that the flowers need to be processed correctly immediately upon arrival. Please click on "Flower Care" tab above to see how to properly care for your flowers.


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