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White Dendrobium Orchid

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Each stem has approximately 8-10 blooms per stem- sold in bunches of 10 stems




Discount Wedding Flowers - White Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobiums come in assorted colors including shades of white, blue and hot pink The colors may vary - no specific color or pattern is guaranteed. The intensity of the color depends on growing conditions for each plant.

The flower heads can be plucked from the stem and used individually for corsage and boutonniere boutonniere designs or as flowing lines in bridal bouquets. These orchids are available all year round and have an average of 5 to 8 blooms on each stem, although that number can differ depending on Mother Nature!.

These orchids have small flower heads, ranging between 1" - 2" in diameter. Average stem length differs according to price All orchids are shipped with attached water tubes to assure a continuous water source during delivery. Orchids are packed carefully in protective coverings to guard the blooms against damage.

Vase life for most orchids are a week or longer.

Please note that colors can differ from photos shown above due to growing conditions and monitor settings.


: Dendrobium orchids are hardy, but do need to be handled differently from roses and other assorted bulk flowers.

When your orchids arrive, they generally have water tubes attached to the cut end of the stem. If they do, simply refill the water tubes as needed and store them in an upright position. Keep refilling the tubes as the orchids drink up the water. Remember that these are tropical flowers and they prefer room temperature instead of refrigeration.

When you are ready to design with your dendrobium, fill a sink or water tub with cool, fresh water. Cut the bottom stem under water for the best results that will allow the orchids to draw up even more water because of the fresh cut. You can then cut off individual flower heads and use as corsages or wire for insertion into bridal bouquets.

As with all flowers, keep them away from heat sources or direct sunlight.

Orchids are shipped already in bloom, opened and generally ready to use after having a fresh cut and time to re-hydrate.

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