There are four main categories of roses commercially grown as cut flowers. They are Hybrid Tea, Sweetheart, Spray and Garden Roses.

Hybrid Tea Rose:: This is the rose that is so familiar to everyone - a single rose head on a long stem. They are a popular favorite for weddings, formal events and in traditional "rose bouquets". To create this rose, farmers remove side buds as they appear to focus all the plant's energy on one perfect rose.

Sweet Heart Roses: Sweethearts are smaller roses, with a single bloom per stem. These striking roses are available in a variety of colors from tradtional reds (and even near blacks) to ivories and lavender roses.

Spray Roses: Multiple small roses on each stem mean spray roses are a perfect choice for corsages, boutonnieres and other designs where a smaller roses is more suited. To create spray roses, farmers break off the single flower in the center to for the side shoots to bloom at the same time.

Garden Roses:This rose variety has rapidly become a favorite of today's bride. The casual elegance of garden roses comes from numerous petals that give them an open abundant look. While some have just a few petals, others may have 100 or more petals on each rose. This gives them the famous "overblown" look that brides have fallen in love with.

They are sold as both sprays or single headed flowers. Some are not as fragrant as the tea roses, but a few varieties have a lovely scent. These roses have a shorter vase life and lower production per bush. Because of this, the garden rose are pricier than hybrid tea roses.

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