Basic Floral Supplies

Looking for floral supplies? Wholesale floral suppliers usually cater only to professional florists, requiring proof of intent to resell by requesting a tax number or a copy of a resale certificate. This is why everyone cannot buy at true wholesale prices. Florist shops are also usually reluctant to sell these floral supplies because they would rather design the flowers for you, charging you a labor fee. Keeping these wholesale products unavailable is what keeps the dollars in their pockets.

Although you may find a small amount of florist foam products or a bridal bouquet holders in a craft or hobby store, you rarely find all the floral supplies you need to process your bulk wedding flowers and create bridal bouquets and centerpieces. Although we don't sell quit as low as wholesale, we work very hard to keep our prices down so you can save money!

Here you will find the same quality florist supplies and tools made by Oasis that are used by professional florists all over the world. You can create the same beautiful table centerpieces, awesome pew decorations, gorgeous bridal bouquets and unique flower centerpieces. The biggest difference is the money you save by doing the labor yourself.

Learn how to protect and treat your floral designs with a petal sealant such as Finishing Touch, secure your flowers in the holders with floral stem adhesive and use flower food to nourish and keep the flowers fresh longer. Using your precious wedding flowers to experiment using Grandma's "clear soda recipe" as a substitute for fresh flower food could prove to be a costly mistake!

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