Florist Tools and Supplies

These quality florist tools are made by Smither-Oasis. These tools are used by professional flower shops around the world. Known for their quality, florists prefer these because the blades are designed to cut (not crush) delicate flower stems. There are several florist tools used with regularity in a shop. They are floral scissors, knife, floral snips and bunch cutters.

Many people make the mistake of cutting their florals with regular scissors. Unfortunately, this tends to pinch the stems and cut off water uptake to flower heads. Flowers can soon wilt and begin to droop.

If you would like to see tips for taking care of fresh flowers, using each of these tools properly, or see pictures and ideas for wedding bouquets, centerpieces, decorating or more, visit our Wedding website pages. Written by a professional wedding florist, you will see step-by-step tutorials on how to design a cascading bouquet, make corsages and so much more!

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