CANCELLATION OF ORDER must either be texted or messaged to (618) 494-8594. Do not send an e-mail with a cancellation notice. You may call our answering service at 1-888-933-3597 and must include the words "Cancel my Order #### , plus your name and address. Please note that fresh flower or greenery orders that are already en route (scanned by Fedex or other delivery service) cannot be cancelled.

Many of our competitors offer "free shipping". Guess what? Free really isn't free. They've simply upped the price on the flowers and required large minimum purchases to cover the shipping costs.

We try to price our fresh flowers and hard goods at competitive prices, sell you single bunches (they sometimes require you to buy a minimum of 10 or more!) and we try to keep your shipping costs to a minimum by shipping your fresh flowers overnight and your other hard goods separately by ground. The convenience of "one stop shopping" helps on the freight costs as well.

Because we REALLY want to be able to sell you single bunches. Not everyone needs 10 or more bunches of a single flower or greens. But that's what our competitors require!

But for us to be realistic . . . we can't sell you a single bunch of leather leaf greens for $4.50 and then pay $28 to ship it overnight across the country!

To keep shipping costs as low as possible, we overnight all our fresh products . . . but reserve the right to ship the hard good products separately by cheaper ground shipping. This way we ALL save money while giving you the option to actually purchase only what you need and shipping at the lowest rate we can. Remember - buying locally costs you sales tax ... currently purchasing our online products requires that we collect tax from Illinois residents since our Corporation is centered in Illinois).

Now . . . on to important info about dealing with fresh flower shipping . . .


  • Wedding Flowers Inc. reserves the right to bill the customer the total amount of overnight shipping if the customer fails to choose this shipping option. Failure to choose overnight express shipping does not invalidate or cancel the order.Wedding Flowers, Inc. drop ships by FedEx for priority overnight delivery for all fresh flower orders. Your delivery should arrive no later than 6:30 p.m. on your delivery date.  Please be prepared for a morning delivery (before 11:00 a.m.).  Delivery times are solely dependent upon FedEx.  Wedding Flowers Inc. cannot guarantee specific time.

      If you need a specific delivery time, customer must call FedEx for guaranteed delivery for a specific zip code delivery area. Please note flower warehouse is closed on Sunday. Because of this, no Monday deliveries are possible.  Deliveries are set for Tuesdays through Fridays. 
  • When placing an order for fresh flower or florist wholesale goods, customer agrees that Wedding Flower Inc's responsibility for any refund is limited to no more than actual total cost of products purchased. Once the order has left our warehouse, liability for damaged goods is placed upon the shipping carrier rather than Wedding Flowers Inc.
    • Watch for a electronic e-mail delivered to your e-mail address the day before your delivery date.  This e-mail will contain a tracking number for your order which you can then track through
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to track their fresh flower shipment and be prepared to cut and treat their flowers and placing them in water promptly upon receipt.  It is imperative that someone be at the residence to receive the delivery.  You must call the 1-888-933-3597 (leave message with answering service is not answered directly) or a text message to 1-618-494-8594 within two (2) hours of Federal Express stamped delivery time in order to acknowledge receipt of your flowers.  Failure to acknowledge receipt of your order may invalidate your freshness warranty.  Any claims of poor quality flowers must be accompanied by digital photographs and be reported within 3 hours after cutting and putting the flowers in water.  Please note that flowers will look tired (and “wilted”) upon arrival.  This is a normal dry pack look.  Flowers must be cut according to specified flower care on this website and allowed two hours to properly uptake water to their flower head.
    • Every order must have a valid and working daytime and evening telephone number. FedEx needs this number in case they need directions for your residence.  Shipping address must be a physical address.  FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.  If you provide the wrong delivery address,  Wedding Flowers Inc. is not responsible for any freshness guarantee if the flowers fail to arrive on time because of customer error or neglect to give us a telephone number that can be reached at all times.
    • Any changes in shipping address after the order is placed may incur an automatic upcharge fee by FedEx and is the responsibility of the customer.  Shipping re-directs or cancellations are not possible AFTER the shipping tracking number has been assigned. All directions to ship to a different address is made thru you and FedEx once the shipment has been scanned and picked up (or delivered to) FedEx. Tracking numbers mean that the delivery is enroute and cannot be changed.  Any contact attempt to reroute the delivery must be made between the customer and FedEx. 
    • Wedding Flowers, Inc. is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged products once the shipment has left our warehouse and is in the hands of the FedEx carrier.  It is customer’s responsibility to contact FedEx directly in the event of delays of your shipment.
    • Please note that the color of the flowers may differ from image shown on the product page. Fresh flowers are a living product and colors may vary due to season, soil and climate. Colors are sometimes altered according to computer monitor settings.

      A substitution may be made if necessary to make certain that your flowers are delivered on time or to guarantee freshness if the chosen flowers do not meet our quality standards. We reserve the right to substitute similar flowers if necessary. We take the utmost care in assuring that your order is as similar to your original flower choice as possible even if this means substituting flowers of higher value. While we will always try to inform under these circumstances. However, placing an order means you agree flower substitutions may be shipped without verbal confirmation from you.

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