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Satin Corsage Ribbon

Single Faced Satin #3

5/8" wide
100 yds per bolt
Colors Shown Below





#3 Floral Ribbon

White and Ivory always available in large quantities. Other generic colors are generally in stock.

How to Make a Pew Bow

Single faced satin floral ribbon is commonly used by professionals as an inexpensive product with which to decorate floral arrangments, wrap bouquet handles, use as decorations for pew ends and as accents for other wedding decor. You can use either #40 or #9 ribbon for pew bows, but the #9 is the narrower of the two. That is why there is only 50 yards of ribbon on a #40 and 100 yards of ribbon on the #9 spool. You will need to use more loops to create a comparable size bow with the #9. It really depends on your personal preference.

Ribbon sizes in the floral industry are commonly referred to as #40, #9, #3, and #1. This does not refer to width. Offray ribbon widths are defined as follows:

  • #40 2 1/2" (Suitable for large arrangements and pew bows.

  • #9 1 5/16" (Suitable for pew bows, medium floral arrangements and bouquet handle wraps)

  • #3 9/16" (Suitable for corsages, bows for small baskets, and other dainty sized arrangments)

  • #1 5/16" (This ribbon is extremely narrow and can be used for small corsages, reception favors and other small projects)



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