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Lavender Carnation

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We ship bulk discount flowers in single bunches, making it much easier for brides to order the amount they need rather than 150 or more stems at a time. Carnations come in two sizes - standard and miniature (spray). The standard carnation heads are generally about 2" in diameter and come with one head per stem. This flower is available all year round and come in a delightful array of colors that match most any weddings.

This flower comes from the Dianthus family and come in shades of red, yellow, orange, pink, lavender, purple, green and many bi-colors. Brides don't often realize that carnations have a lovely scent. This durable flower works well in all different types of arrangements, including centerpieces, bouquets and cut flower work. I generally recommend miniatures for corsage work instead of the standard size. The standards, however, look great as a single boutonniere.

Most flowers are sensitive to ethylene, which means they should not be stored near fruit or any product that gives off ethylene gas.

Please note that prices are based on availability due to both growing seasons and holidays. (For instance, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day sees a sharp increase in flower costs.) All bulk flowers are shipping in what florists refer to as a "dry pack" state. This means that they make look slightly droopy. Some customers think this means the flowers are wilted. This is not true, however, it means that the flowers need to be processed correctly immediately upon arrival. Please click on "Flower Care" tab above to see how to properly care for your flowers.

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