Shipping is often touted as "free" on so called "wholesale websites". But if you read deeper and realize that their "retail prices' are quoted as ridiculously high, their wholesale prices are not truly "wholesale" and that they demand you buy huge quantities of flowers or greenery, the idea of a bargain begins to wear a little thin. I will never claim to sell wholesale. I am an online retailer. I have tried to set fair prices and sell by single bunches so even small weddings can catch a break and save money by creating their own wedding flowers. We charge as close to the real shipping cost as we can. Extra has to be built in because of replacement costs and other handling fees. I don't try to "fake" my brides by charging so much that (if truth be told) they would be better off having a local flower shop do the work for them. I want to be sure that my brides actually save on labor costs and not have it eaten up by excessive charges.

Fresh products HAVE to ship overnight in order to maintain freshness. Nobody likes dead flowers! You must place the order at least 2 weeks in advance. Please note that we reserve the right to ship hard goods (large boxes of floral foam, etc.) separately from the fresh products..

Our competitors claim to have "free shipping" . . . but in reality they've incorporated shipping into the price. To match THEIR "No Shipping" claims, we don't have shipping calculated on our flowers, either.

We challenge you to really comparison shop. You'll find out that we match (or beat) their prices PLUS we don't require you to buy near as many bunches in order to get that "wholesale" price!

Check this out:

Shipping is charged on Hard Goods . . .

We try to keep down shipping costs by sending the hard goods ahead of time (by Fed Ex ground rates) and only overnight the Fresh Flower products. This includes any florist supplies like liquid products, florist foam, etc. So if you include these products in your shipping cart that contains fresh flowers, the hard goods will go ahead first and the fresh flowers will go overnight right before you need them.

We've tried to keep the shipping low and not charge anymore than the shipping company will charge us for overnight delivery.

Want Cheaper Shipping on Your Hard Goods?

Want to save money on shipping your hard goods? Place separate orders for your fresh and for your hard goods.

Place one order for the fresh flowers and greenery and those products will be shipped overnight right before the needed by date. Place a second order for the hard goods and choose a cheaper shipping option, such as ground shipping. We'll pack and ship the hard goods separately and send them by a cheaper option. These products will travel more slowly . . .maybe needing up to 14 days to reach you, but the shipping cost is considerably less.

We know this is confusing - but our store is very unique in that it offers everything under one roof - fresh flowers, professional florist supplies and event decorating supplies. We've tried to figure out a way that you can get everything you need, at the lowest possible price . . . yet save on shipping costs, too.

For more information, be sure to read our Fresh Flower Shipping/Guarantee page.
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